Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We got even more good news last night!!! My dad's CEA blood test is down to 37!! When he was first diagnosed he was at 232. A few weeks ago it was down to 181 and now it has dropped SO dramatically to 37!!! We want this to be as low as possible!! We are sooooooo thankful that it has dropped this much and thank everyone for all of the prayers!! They are working!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25th

Hi Everyone!

Last week was our week off of chemo. My dad's blood count was very low, but we have great news; his count went up tremendously with the week off of chemo!! So you all understand, his white blood count was at 300 when it was scary low. A human's white blood count who doesn't have cancer and is very healthy can be anywhere in the range of 4,000-9,000. So as you can see 300 was VERY low. I am so honored to be able to tell you that today his white blood count was at 5,000!! Yes, 5,000!! Everyone should be SOOO Proud of my dad.

He told me he was "going to take that cancer to town" and he sure is!! With his blood counts getting higher he won't get sick as easy, which will make him stronger and harder for the cancer to fight him because he will be able to keep getting chemo.

All of the credit really goes to him. He fights this cancer so hard every day and has an amazing outlook on life. He has the best attitude and perseverance out of anyone I know,people with cancer and without, which is truly, truly, amazing. We thank god every day and appreciate every moment and piece of good news that we are given.

Even though the tough circumstances, we will get through this. I believe that one day my dad will be one more of the beautiful, amazing cancer survivor who never gave up the fight and who never gave up on their dream of beating this horrible disease. Continue supporting cancer research and praying for more technology advances.

My dads getting chemo today and will get another scan next week. We pray for the good news that the cancer has shrunken back tremendously and that the chemotherapy is kicking butt!

I hope to be able to keep posting all of this good news and updates. Our family thanks everyone that has been praying for us, sending cards, food, giving hugs, etc. EVERYTHING is appreciated SOOO much. I wish we had the time to personally write a thank you to everyone, but there have literally been hundreds and hundreds of cards, prayers, kind wishes, etc. So THANK YOU everyone. It really helps. Our whole situation really puts things into perspective on what is important and what isn't as important.

On that note, everyone please cherish your family, friends, significant others, etc. because life it to short to be anything but happy. Realize that money cannot buy happiness; you can find happiness in so many of the things right next to you and the people you care about. You can never give enough hugs or say I love you enough. Remember, with God, anything's possible.

Here are a few thank you's from the us:

A HUGE thank you to Paula Cropsey for all of the delicious food!!! You keep us healthy and help us maintain weight:) ha-ha!

Thank you Grandma Schuh for all of the food as well and the tater tot casserole is AWESOME!
Thank you Lynn Ihde for all of the great food too! Cory and I are very spoiled!
Thank you Kait, Erin, Brooke, Ashley, Kelsey, and Kristen for the nummy pumpkin pie and most of all being there for me.
Thanks MCEA Cohort for making me laugh and being the smiley, friendly, faces in classes :)

Special thank you to Immaculate Conception church and all of the members for being so generous with prayers, hugs, etc. We love our strong Catholic community.

Thank you Kat, Jamie, Jenna, and Jack Just for providing me with such a great family comfort in Milwaukee. You are a wonderful family and I admire all of your love, care, and help you shower me with, I thank god for all of you every day.

Thank you Cory, I can't even begin to list the things you do for me because they are endless. You are amazing and I truly couldn't do this without you. Thank you for always being there no matter what. I love you so much.

Thanks Mom, for being there every minute of every day for dad and for always keeping everything in line and squeaky clean. You have so much on your plate but no one could handle it and do everything as perfect as you. You are a true angel and deserve everything in the world.

Thanks Benny and the landscaping crew included Keith Evers and Chad VanAsten for all the work you do for our business. It is truly amazing how you all do so many things without even asking and how much stress you take off of my dad's shoulders by helping out.

Most of all:

Thank you dad, for being such a fighter and positive person. You are such an amazing person and I can't even begin to tell how much I respect and honor everything about you. You truly are my hero. Mom, Ben, and I will be by your side helping you fight until you win. Thank you for taking care of yourself and having the strong perseverance, prayer, and will to never give up. I appreciate every moment and know we will have many memories for numerous years to come. "Cancer can bring you down, but it cannot stop you."

Thank you God, for being our guiding light and person to turn to in this hard time. We will always follow you and remember that nothing is impossible with you. Thanks Be To God.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday October 11, 2010

Well we had another great weekend and chemo went well again today. My dad recieved a double-dose of Herceptin today because he will have a week off of chemo next week. His white blood count is getting low and they would rather let him re-coop so he can hopefully raise those blood counts by having a week without chemo next week. The doctor however still wanted him to have the Herceptin, which is why he gave him a double dose today.

We will hopefully get another scan the first week of November, continue to pray for my dad's strength. He has an amazing attitude and is going to take this cancer down! We thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, food, being there for us, etc. We love all of our family and friends more than you all know. We are all so proud of my dad and are so happy to be a part of his life!

"With God, Anything is possible."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chemo 10-4-2010

We had another good day of chemo today. Dad's weight and blood remained stable and I'm sure he will be working the rest of the week!

He got his hair cut and he looks very handsome!!!

No more news, we are so thankful that everything is going so well!!

Keep praying for him! The prayers are working!!! We appreciate it sooooo much!!

I will keep posting each week with how chemo goes.