Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday October 11, 2010

Well we had another great weekend and chemo went well again today. My dad recieved a double-dose of Herceptin today because he will have a week off of chemo next week. His white blood count is getting low and they would rather let him re-coop so he can hopefully raise those blood counts by having a week without chemo next week. The doctor however still wanted him to have the Herceptin, which is why he gave him a double dose today.

We will hopefully get another scan the first week of November, continue to pray for my dad's strength. He has an amazing attitude and is going to take this cancer down! We thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, food, being there for us, etc. We love all of our family and friends more than you all know. We are all so proud of my dad and are so happy to be a part of his life!

"With God, Anything is possible."

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