Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that I haven't updated at all this week. I am actually sitting at the hospital with my dad as I type. He got admitted into the hospital on Monday because he is losing blood again. Just like back in January, we are getting radiation again due to the tumor in the esophagus/stomach bleeding. We can receive 10 treatments of radiation before we hit the max amount of radiation that we can receive safely. He got his third treatment of radiation today. He gets transfusions and other nutrients daily to maintain his counts. He is staying in good spirits as usual and we just ask for prayers that this radiation works soon and that we can go home and not have this problem with bleeding again.

I will try to keep updating with any new news.

Thanks for the prayers,

God Bless,


Love you dad, your my hero!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chemo 4-18-11

Hi Everyone,

We had chemo yesterday. My dad took the chemo pills all last week so this week he has a week off of those. He got a dose of the other drug yesterday as well as a dose of potassium. He had a good week, still going strong and fighting hard. Since he last so much weight in the hospital he is really working hard to eat well and a lot. He got his appetite back which is truly a blessing. Him and I got to enjoy Mary's Place salads on Sunday which was a treat for both of us (we just love their salads!) My dad's blood counts were a little low, this is the main side effect of the new intra-vein chemo drug. He didn't need transfusions but goes in on Thursday just to see where they are at and to see if he needs transfusions then. They took a CEA which is the number we always want to be down. The doctor said not to be alarmed if it was to go up but I am so excited to say that it went down from 26 to 16!! This was such great news. We all continue to thank God everyday for giving my dad the rewards for his hard work that he so much deserves.

Thanks so much for the prayers, keep them up, they are working!! Pray that we can keep on this chemo regimen, that it works, and that we encounter minimal side effects. We love all of our family and friends so much. We cannot stress that enough.

As the upcoming weeks approach I look so forward to Easter with the best family in the entire world, a wedding for a cousin that I love so much (Congrats Amy and Pete), and to the Sole Burner where so many of us are going to show our support for my dad and many others battling this horrible disease.

Dad, Have I told you lately that I love you?


I will never, ever stop believing in you and doing all I can to help you fight this battle, you are doing a great job. Never give up.

Love always,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am very sorry that it has been so long since I have updated the blog. I have been crazy busy with everything and apologize. The truth is, it has been a really tough time in the past few weeks since my last post. If you remember back to January, my dad received radiation because of internal bleeding. While he was on the radiation he was switched to a different chemo regimen because the first regimen wasn't working to fight the cancer anymore. This second regimen was something called 5-FU or Xeloda. This was the most effective chemo to do with radiation. After radiation was over, he was put on Xeloda and Oxaloplatin. The Xeloda is a pill that is taken 2pills 2 times a day for one week then off for a week. The Oxaloplatin is a intravenous chemo drug that is given once every other week. After each dose of this chemo, my dad would have sever side effects of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. After checking for every infection under the sun and ruling out that it was a virus, we came to the conclusion that it was the chemo.

I have to share a story with you all to show you how strong my dad is. A week after he got so sick, we went in for chemo. The doctor told my dad that he could take the week off because of all the side effects that he had been having or he could go on and have the chemo. My dad, being the fighter he is, said he wanted the chemo. Think for a minute how hard it must to choose to get chemicals pumped into you when you are sick... My dad is a true fighter for that reason and many others.

After receiving chemo that day, during that following week he got very sick and ended up being admitted to the hospital. He lost a lot of weight and was extremely sick. It was super hard for all of us to see. He was actually doing landscape drawings and bidding in the hospital which shows you how dedicated and how much he loves his work. After being dismissed from the hospital, he steadily got better and was once again able to eat solid foods. He still isn't back to complete strength but he is working so, so hard.

When he was in the hospital he got a CAT scan done to see if he had anything going on in the colon or intestine. This CAT scan also checked on how the cancer was doing etc. We got terrific news that the stomach and esophagus area are SIGNIFICANTLY improved. We also got not so good news that the liver and lymph nodes that had spots that were the same and some that were bigger. There were no new spreading or new lymph nodes infected though so that was good too.
When my dad went back in this past Monday to discuss possible switches of chemo, the doctor informed him that he really, really wanted to keep him on the Xeloda pill (the one that we had thought was making him sick) because this is a chemo drug that is highly effective at attacking cancer in the liver. The doctor changed the intravenous drug to Taxotere and is hoping this will minimize my dad's side effects. He will receive this Taxotere along with the Herceptin (that he has been getting all along) weekly. He will take the Xeloda pills one week on and one week off. That is where we stand as of now.

I just want to say again, how proud of my dad I am. It has been a bumpy road the last few months and no matter what, he is always optimistic. He is always showering me with compliments when I am home and can always put a smile on my face in the worst of times. When in the hospital, my dad is always all of the nurses favorites because he is so polite, funny, and optimistic. He is this way even though he is so sick and is told that death is staring him in the face. It should really be a lesson to everyone.. I know it sure is a lesson to me. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that it is personalities like my dad's who can overcome the impossible and be that miracle. He has always told me to never give up and he is proving to me that he really, really believe that. If I could take this from him and fight this batter for him I would do it in a heartbeat and I know so many others would too. Unfortunately we can't do that but what we can do is continue to pray that this chemo will work miracles on my dad and that he won't be affected by side effects, and if he has to have side effects to lose his hair again because that is nothing. Also step back and learn from his attitude, be thankful for who you are and who you have surrounding you. Show optimism and respect to others and smile as often as possible. Give your loved ones compliments and be happy.
Also give blood and pray :)

We love all of our friends and family so much. Thanks for all of the support and prayers.

"Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there's no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles that's what YOU do."

A wise man once told me "Claim the road, touch the sun, no force on earth could stop you run, When your heart bursts like the sun, Never give up on your dreams."

I Love you so much and you are my hero.

Love your little princess,