Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chemo 4-18-11

Hi Everyone,

We had chemo yesterday. My dad took the chemo pills all last week so this week he has a week off of those. He got a dose of the other drug yesterday as well as a dose of potassium. He had a good week, still going strong and fighting hard. Since he last so much weight in the hospital he is really working hard to eat well and a lot. He got his appetite back which is truly a blessing. Him and I got to enjoy Mary's Place salads on Sunday which was a treat for both of us (we just love their salads!) My dad's blood counts were a little low, this is the main side effect of the new intra-vein chemo drug. He didn't need transfusions but goes in on Thursday just to see where they are at and to see if he needs transfusions then. They took a CEA which is the number we always want to be down. The doctor said not to be alarmed if it was to go up but I am so excited to say that it went down from 26 to 16!! This was such great news. We all continue to thank God everyday for giving my dad the rewards for his hard work that he so much deserves.

Thanks so much for the prayers, keep them up, they are working!! Pray that we can keep on this chemo regimen, that it works, and that we encounter minimal side effects. We love all of our family and friends so much. We cannot stress that enough.

As the upcoming weeks approach I look so forward to Easter with the best family in the entire world, a wedding for a cousin that I love so much (Congrats Amy and Pete), and to the Sole Burner where so many of us are going to show our support for my dad and many others battling this horrible disease.

Dad, Have I told you lately that I love you?


I will never, ever stop believing in you and doing all I can to help you fight this battle, you are doing a great job. Never give up.

Love always,


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