Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dads Chemo 11-29-10

Hi Everyone,

Well we have our 12th Chemo treatment done and my dad has completed exactly 4 cycles of chemo ( there are 3 weeks/chemo treatments in one cycle). His blood counts were a bit low. This time his hemoglobin was down a bit again to 9.8 (normal about 12). We haven't had troubles with hemoglobin being low for a while. He didn't need transfusions but they did give him a shot to help with the anemia. His white blood count was down as well but still OK at 1500. (normal should be between 4,000 and 9,000).

He's not getting a week off like we thought he possibly would. Next week he will get another CEA scan which will hopefully be down from last time at 64. Please pray that this number is down, if this number isn't down we will have to look for a different/new treatment option or different chemo combination. I know everyone is praying and please continue, my dad deserves every single prayer he is getting and we truly believe each and every one helps.

During this Christmas season be thankful for everything you have, the most important thing we have all realized through this rough journey is the importance of saying I love you, giving hugs, and being happy with the wonderful things God has given you. We are blessed for all of our family, friends, and people we don't even know that are praying for us. We love all of you and send you big hugs!!


I see trees of green, red roses too.
I see them bloom for me and you
and I think to myself What a Wonderful World.

-Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World"

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had a great Thanksgiving and are very thankful for all we have!! We had a wonderful time with all of our family!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dad's Chemo 11-22-10

Dad's Chemo went good today! He didn't end up seeing the doctor, but talked to the nurse and she said not to be alarmed by the CEA result from last week. We do need to pray that it is back down the first week of December though. A steady increase in the CEA is a bad sign, but if the CEA is down next time, it doesn't matter about the one that was up last week a bit.

He was up 1.5pounds which is great! His blood count was good but down from last week, we are thinking we might have a week off of chemo coming up due to low blood count; that is what happened last time when his blood was down, he was given a week off.

He wore his shirt that I got for him today "My bald head is better than your bad haircut" and from what I hear everyone loved it!

We will keep moving forward, each week we are one step closer to beating this cancer!!

Keep my dad in your prayers. We appreciate everything and everyone!!

Love always,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dad's Chemo 11-15-10

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I'm so late posting about last weeks chemo, but everything is still going good. White blood count was still good, in the 3,000's which is good and my dad's weight was still stable. He has been doing really good with keeping weight on, many people have a hard time not losing a significant amount of weight so we are proud of him for that. He is the same weight now as he was when he was diagnosed at the end of August. The CEA result was a bit up since the last time that was tested; they only test the CEA every three weeks so we hope that in three weeks it will be back down again.

We had another great weekend and look forward to Thanksgiving this week. Even within our circumstances, my dad always says he wouldn't trade his life for the world. He knows that he has an amazing support system through friends and family. We have so much to be thankful for and will definitely enjoy being thankful this holiday season.

I will be posting again tomorrow after tomorrow's chemo treatment. He will see the doctor again tomorrow so hopefully we will have some more good news.

Thanks to all of our followers.
"You gain strength, experience, and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you cannot do."

Go kick that cancer's butt tomorrow dad!

My dad: My Hero

Love always,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chemo Monday, November 8, 2010

Well, Dad's got another week of chemo in. This was his 9th chemo. He did great again. Everything was stable. His hemoglobin was 11.8 which is great, his white blood cell count is 3,700. His platelets are good too and his weight is stable. He didn't need iron, so that's good news too!

My dad got a port put in today. This is a device that is inserted under his skin. He won't have to get a needle in his vein anymore for chemo, they will give him chemo through this port.

Well, thanks again everyone for the prayers. Continue to pray and we will hope for more good news next week.

Love you all,


Friday, November 5, 2010

Dad's Cat Scan and Chemo this week!

Hello all,

Sorry I'm a bit delayed this week, school has been hectic; on a positive note, I taught my first whole class lesson and it went great!

My dad got his first CAT scan since his diagnosis Monday, (My mom's birthday) . We got very good news in that his lymph nodes look clear and healthy now! In the first scan, when he was first diagnosed, he had many lymph nodes that were infected by the cancer! WE ARE SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!

His blood count and weight were still stable which is always good news too!

As for other measuring of tumors and such, they couldn't get a good grip on the differences because the first scan he got done was a PET scan and this was a CAT scan and they aren't completely comparable. He will get another CAT scan in the beginning of January and that will be easier to compare with this CAT scan he got on Monday. ***Keep praying that there won't be any comparison because the cancer will be completely gone by January-it has happened!!!!

Chemo went well again, of course my dad did great like always!!! I just got home tonight and it's great to be home! My dad is always in such high, good spirits. He is working on a big job now and hoping to get it done in this next week-Still working as hard as usual!

Love to all of you!!


Love always,