Monday, November 22, 2010

Dad's Chemo 11-22-10

Dad's Chemo went good today! He didn't end up seeing the doctor, but talked to the nurse and she said not to be alarmed by the CEA result from last week. We do need to pray that it is back down the first week of December though. A steady increase in the CEA is a bad sign, but if the CEA is down next time, it doesn't matter about the one that was up last week a bit.

He was up 1.5pounds which is great! His blood count was good but down from last week, we are thinking we might have a week off of chemo coming up due to low blood count; that is what happened last time when his blood was down, he was given a week off.

He wore his shirt that I got for him today "My bald head is better than your bad haircut" and from what I hear everyone loved it!

We will keep moving forward, each week we are one step closer to beating this cancer!!

Keep my dad in your prayers. We appreciate everything and everyone!!

Love always,


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