Monday, March 21, 2011

Chemo 3-21-11

Hi Everyone,

Well chemo went good today. Blood counts were good, Hemoglobin at 9.6 and white blood count at 3,200. He is going to be on a pill for potassium because that was low, but that is a minor problem.

Dr. Guenther was back from vacation so it was nice to see him today. We were concerned because my dad wasn't feeling well all week and we never really pinpointed the true problem. Dr. Guenther really spent a lot of time with us and really tried to reason with the source of the problem. He seemed to think that it is definitely not from the chemo since we have been on the chemo for some time now and it never caused sickness before. All cultures and tests for infection were negative which was good so we are assuming it was a virus. He gave my dad the choice of getting chemo today or not and my dad chose to get chemo.

I realize that it's really easy for me and everyone else to want him to continue to get chemo but of course it is not fair to push it when we don't know how hard it is to deal with. I am so thankful that my dad is such a fighter. I almost started crying in the room when I heard him say I want to keep on the chemo. The rate of survival for esophageal cancer is quite scary but yet my dad doesn't let him stop his fight. There is a 5% survival rate and my dad told his doctor today he wants to be one of those 5%. I truly believe with all of my heart that it is people like my dad who are those 5%. He never gives up the fight and is always willing to do whatever they tell him he needs too. I look up to him more than anyone else in the world. I'm sure that it is so easy to say I give up or sure I will take a week off, etc. but my dad doesn't take the easy way out. Thanks for fighting dad. I wish I could fight for you or get some of those chemo drugs, or take some of those pills or side effects. If I could, I would do it without even thinking. What I can do is tell you how good of a job you are doing and how proud of you I truly am; I am prouder than ever. Stand strong and I can't wait to spend my spring break with you!!

Have I told you lately that I love you Hero?

Love always and forever,
Your little princess

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"I Believe in Morgan" May 7, 2011 Sole Burner

Hi Everyone,

You are being invited to join the team “I believe in Morgan” for the 2011 Sole Burner 5K Run/Walk.

I wanted to put together a team to support my dad and his battle against cancer. He has been doing so great and deserves to be recognized. I think it is a great time to come together and donate money to help support cancer research because it is truly so very important.

This event takes place on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at City Park in Appleton. Cost for the event is $22 a person for adults and 12$ dollars a person for children under 12. If you so choose, you can make a pledge beyond the entry fee but the entry fee is the only fee that is required to participate. Also, you can fundraise and get more donations from your friends, coworkers, and family etc. to donate as well. This money will be kept separate, just communicate with me if you are doing this so I can get you an envelope and form so you are recognized for your individual fundraising. This fundraising money is not due until Tuesday May 3. You will receive a Sole Burner t-shirt with our team logo on the back which is covered by your 22$ entry fee.

I have to have ALL of the paper work submitted and participant’s names and money by March 28th which is only about 2 weeks away. Also I will need a shirt size for all participants at this time as well. The shirt sizes are: Youth, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL, and Adult XXL. If you don’t have the full payment in by then, you won’t be on the team. If you still want to participate in the Sole Burner you can do so but will have to register yourself on their website:

Don’t feel obligated to participate, but if you would like to, we would LOVE to have you there!

To get back to me you can:
·Mail in the bottom part of this post with your payment or drop it off at my mom and dad’s house.
·You must fill this out fully for each participant because this is how I register you!

If you have any questions my email is

Thank you!!

Jill Peterson

Shirt Size:
Age on Race Date:
Will you be walking or running?
Phone Number:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi everyone,

My dad got chemo yesterday.
I am SOOOOO excited to report that yesterday my dad's blood counts were great, his hemoglobin was 10.4 and his white blood count was 4,000 which are both AWESOME numbers! The even better news is the CEA results. That's the cancer cell count that we are always hoping will drop, drop, drop. His CEA was down to 26!!!! This is the LOWEST it has ever been since he was diagnosed. When he was diagnosed his CEA was 232. So as you can see, my dad has been doing some real work on that cancer. Next time you see him or talk to him tell him to keep going to town on those "boys" (that's what we call the cancer!)

Funny story, last night I was on the phone with my dad and telling him how Cory and I were talking about his good numbers and telling him that Cory said "I wonder what those tumors are doing now" and I said "getting the sh** kicked out of them, that's what!" When I told my dad this he goes "Ya, I don't know if they are on foot or horseback but there packing their bags and moving out of town." I almost died laughing while on the phone and then Cory and I almost died laughing when I told him when I got off the phone.

But it's stories like this and the sense of humor and optimism that my dad has that makes him such a strong, dedicated fighter. For that attitude I am SOOO proud and SOOO thankful. Like he said again on the phone last night, There is not ONE kind of cancer that doesn't have at least one stage four survivor. Dad, keep up your fight and you will be one of those survivors. I am sooo proud of you I can't even explain it!!

Thanks to everyone who gave blood, keep giving blood every 8 weeks, we are thankful that we don't need it but there are plenty others that do. Help them come out of there not so good times and jump back up into positive times just like blood donors helped us to do.

Also thanks to all of our friends and family for always being so great. We love you all! Thanks for the notes, calls, meals, hugs, prayers, etc. We definitely appreciate it sooo much.

Keep us in your prayers, ask God to keep helping my dad fight this cancer. Also please continue to pray for the chemo to work really well and for my dad to not have any side effects.

Thanks so much everyone!!!!

"They're a world my world revolves around
My sacred piece of solid ground
The flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand
They are a fire in my driving on
The drive behind my coming home
The living, breathing, reason that I am
A family man"

I love you Dad, your a ROCKSTAR!

But of course still my king and hero!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few good announcements!

Hi everyone,

This is just a random post for two reasons, first I forgot to include in the last post that I am happy to announce that I got engaged on the 12th of February! Cory completely surprised me and planned an amazing night for the two of us. Everyone is really, really happy!!

Next I wanted to share this song with everyone, it is such an amazing, beautiful song. It was released by Chris Medina who is a former American Idol contestant this season. He was sent home a few days ago because he broke down in the middle of performing one of his songs I believe (not this song though). His fiance was in a tragic car accident five months prior to their wedding. She has numerous injuries and is trying to regain strength to walk, etc. He sings for her and this song has a music video that goes along with it where it shows her before and after the accident and how he takes care of her now and will never leave. It's just amazing, the song is so beautiful I can't even describe it.

Here's the link, ENJOY!: