Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few good announcements!

Hi everyone,

This is just a random post for two reasons, first I forgot to include in the last post that I am happy to announce that I got engaged on the 12th of February! Cory completely surprised me and planned an amazing night for the two of us. Everyone is really, really happy!!

Next I wanted to share this song with everyone, it is such an amazing, beautiful song. It was released by Chris Medina who is a former American Idol contestant this season. He was sent home a few days ago because he broke down in the middle of performing one of his songs I believe (not this song though). His fiance was in a tragic car accident five months prior to their wedding. She has numerous injuries and is trying to regain strength to walk, etc. He sings for her and this song has a music video that goes along with it where it shows her before and after the accident and how he takes care of her now and will never leave. It's just amazing, the song is so beautiful I can't even describe it.

Here's the link, ENJOY!:


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  1. I know i told you in class congrats on the engagement!

    I cried during that video jill. im such a baby.. i also shared it with dustin.
    so pretty!