Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi everyone,

My dad got chemo yesterday.
I am SOOOOO excited to report that yesterday my dad's blood counts were great, his hemoglobin was 10.4 and his white blood count was 4,000 which are both AWESOME numbers! The even better news is the CEA results. That's the cancer cell count that we are always hoping will drop, drop, drop. His CEA was down to 26!!!! This is the LOWEST it has ever been since he was diagnosed. When he was diagnosed his CEA was 232. So as you can see, my dad has been doing some real work on that cancer. Next time you see him or talk to him tell him to keep going to town on those "boys" (that's what we call the cancer!)

Funny story, last night I was on the phone with my dad and telling him how Cory and I were talking about his good numbers and telling him that Cory said "I wonder what those tumors are doing now" and I said "getting the sh** kicked out of them, that's what!" When I told my dad this he goes "Ya, I don't know if they are on foot or horseback but there packing their bags and moving out of town." I almost died laughing while on the phone and then Cory and I almost died laughing when I told him when I got off the phone.

But it's stories like this and the sense of humor and optimism that my dad has that makes him such a strong, dedicated fighter. For that attitude I am SOOO proud and SOOO thankful. Like he said again on the phone last night, There is not ONE kind of cancer that doesn't have at least one stage four survivor. Dad, keep up your fight and you will be one of those survivors. I am sooo proud of you I can't even explain it!!

Thanks to everyone who gave blood, keep giving blood every 8 weeks, we are thankful that we don't need it but there are plenty others that do. Help them come out of there not so good times and jump back up into positive times just like blood donors helped us to do.

Also thanks to all of our friends and family for always being so great. We love you all! Thanks for the notes, calls, meals, hugs, prayers, etc. We definitely appreciate it sooo much.

Keep us in your prayers, ask God to keep helping my dad fight this cancer. Also please continue to pray for the chemo to work really well and for my dad to not have any side effects.

Thanks so much everyone!!!!

"They're a world my world revolves around
My sacred piece of solid ground
The flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand
They are a fire in my driving on
The drive behind my coming home
The living, breathing, reason that I am
A family man"

I love you Dad, your a ROCKSTAR!

But of course still my king and hero!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


  1. Jill,
    So Happy to hear this GREAT News!!! Your dad is a fighter and is going to beat this cancer! Thoughts and prayers with you guys always!


  2. Hi Jim:

    Every time I read these updates I get goosebumps. I am so very happy to hear the latest great news. I was hopeful you would kick this cancer and you are. Keep going to town on those boys!! Thank you Jill for keeping us all informed. You sound like a pretty terrific daughter. Congratulations on your engagement. My prayers are with all of you!

    Kelly Goetsch