Friday, November 5, 2010

Dad's Cat Scan and Chemo this week!

Hello all,

Sorry I'm a bit delayed this week, school has been hectic; on a positive note, I taught my first whole class lesson and it went great!

My dad got his first CAT scan since his diagnosis Monday, (My mom's birthday) . We got very good news in that his lymph nodes look clear and healthy now! In the first scan, when he was first diagnosed, he had many lymph nodes that were infected by the cancer! WE ARE SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!

His blood count and weight were still stable which is always good news too!

As for other measuring of tumors and such, they couldn't get a good grip on the differences because the first scan he got done was a PET scan and this was a CAT scan and they aren't completely comparable. He will get another CAT scan in the beginning of January and that will be easier to compare with this CAT scan he got on Monday. ***Keep praying that there won't be any comparison because the cancer will be completely gone by January-it has happened!!!!

Chemo went well again, of course my dad did great like always!!! I just got home tonight and it's great to be home! My dad is always in such high, good spirits. He is working on a big job now and hoping to get it done in this next week-Still working as hard as usual!

Love to all of you!!


Love always,

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