Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hospital Week

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while. It's been really busy lately and hard to get time. As many of you know, my dad was in the hospital from last Wednesday the 19th to this Thursday the 27th. We went in for a scope on Wednesday the 19th and found out that he was very, very low on blood. We were sent straight to the hospital and had to stay there until my dad was able to maintain a high enough blood count. We did start radiation treatment to the esophagus area to try and stop the bleeding, and finally, Thursday we saw some progress. He was able to come home Thursday and I am so happy to say that he has gone back to get blood checked both Friday and Saturday and both days his blood was 10.3 and 10.1 which is great news.

While in the hospital he was having to get two units of blood a day and was usually losing those two units plus a little bit more... So as you can see, it is great that he is maintaining a solid 10 for his blood without having transfusions in the past few days. He will get 14 total treatments of radiation. He has gotten 8 treatments so far. We are on a new chemo that is actually an oral pill that he takes a few times a day. We are on this chemo until we are done with radiation and then chemo will most likely change again.

My dad's white count is still very low so we still have to be extra, extra careful not to get him sick. We are SOO happy to have him home. He lost at least 10 pounds while in the hospital and I am glad to say that thanks to the big shakes and Roastbeefs and even EXTRA, EXTRA, big roast beefs from Arby's (Thanks Hoovy!) and big bags of candy (thanks Travis and Katie) and the peanuts and other various snacks and treats (thanks schuh aunts and Gma Schuh) and delicious apple bread (thanks Karen Swaim) He has put it all back on!! So that is great news!

Continue to pray that all goes well with the following radiation treatments and that the bleeding stops and never comes back. Also that this new chemo regimen works wonders and we can see a real life miracle.

Thanks Everyone,

Love always,

Hey Dad,
Don't rock the jukebox :)

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