Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another quick thought :)

Hi again,

I know everyone is always asking what they can do for us and we never have anything besides praying... WELL!! We have something now:)

We would love for everyone (who is able) to donate blood. You don't understand the impact that donating blood has until one of your loved ones wouldn't be around without it. We are grateful for the blood that we have received because people have donated. My mom,Ben,and I would LOVE to replace all of that blood so other patients and families can get all the blood they need. We will be giving blood for quite some time if we do it alone. Please help us out, we would really appreciate it and so would all the other patients and families who need it.

And of course the prayers :)

We love all of you,
Thanks so much!

Give Blood. Give Life.


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