Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My dad had his last radiation treatment this morning. He is doing good. He got a certificate for completing the radiation so that is really cool! He hasn't had to get any transfusions since he has come home from the hospital so that is just awesome news.

We will find out our new chemotherapy regimen next Monday when we meet with the doctor. Please pray for a good reaction to the next chemo with no side effects. We pray that my dad can tolerate it as well as the first chemo.

Please remember to donate blood, I understand that some people are medically unable which is completely understandable, then your job is to inspire your friends, family, and relatives who are capable how important it is. There is no "rule" that we MUST replace all of the blood my dad has gotten, We just feel like giving back in respect of all the people who need blood or have loved ones who need blood. We want there to always be blood for people to receive.

With that being said, if your excuse for not giving is "your to scared, you don't have time, or it might hurt" for one minute put yourself in someone's shoes who has cancer or who has a disease in which they are getting poked, chemicals pumped into their bodies, loss of hair, appetite, fatigue, death staring them in the face, every week, sometimes every day and hour. Yet, these people never complain; they laugh and tell jokes and are so happy with everything they are given. Think about them, and what would happen if everyone on this earth was that inconsiderate and didn't donate their blood; our loved ones would die.

For this reason, I am more than thankful for lifetime donors. For people like my mom and dad who have taught me from little on that giving blood was the kind thing to do. I remember sharing cookies at the blood drive with my brother waiting for my mom or dad to get done donating. Even before my dad was diagnosed with cancer I began giving blood because I was taught this from little on. Thanks mom and dad for teaching me all of these great life lessons, I never understood the power of donating just always knew it was the right thing to do, now I understand the true power and importance. Thank you to all of the lifetime donors and people who follow through with giving, believe me you really, really do make a difference.

All that being said, maybe I should look into campaigning for the blood center?

Ha-Ha. Have a good day and remember:
Give Blood: Save lives :)

This is Packer Country, Where's your green card?
Super Bowl Champs XLV

Love always,

"Effort only fully releases it's reward after a person refuses to quit."

My Hero <3

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