Monday, December 27, 2010

Chemo and Scan 12-27-10

Hi Everyone,

Well we had the big scan today. We didn't get the best news but things could definitely be worse. The doctor was comparing the CAT scan my dad got today with the first CAT scan he got before starting treatment back in September. He also looked at the PET scan that was done on November 1st. The answers were very far from black and white. It seems that this chemo has worked on some areas especially in the stomach, but hasn't done much of anything to many of the tumors in the liver. Some spots may be new, old spots may have gotten larger, but some spots are gone. It just is very hard to tell I guess. The stomach looks better the doctor says and the esophagus stayed about the same.

As of right now we are staying with the same chemo regimen that we are on. This could possibly change when blood tests come back if the CEA would be up, we probably won't know that until tomorrow.

Keep the prayers coming. I continue to hope and wish for a miracle or for a new chemo regimen that will work better AND not make my dad sick. I know that the last thing any of us want to see is him sick..

His blood counts were all very good today, but he was down a few pounds.

Thanks for all of the prayers,


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