Monday, December 6, 2010

Dad's Chemo 12-6-10

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to report that I have good news!! The CEA test that we were all praying for to go down, did go down! It went from 64 to 59. Not a huge drop, but the important thing is, is that it did drop!! Thanks for all of the prayers, they are truly helping, I just know it! My dad wasn't able to receive chemotherapy today because his white blood count was getting to low. He is at 600 for the white count which is very low. We are hoping that he can make some whole blood along with white blood cells this week so he is recharged for next week. He was up 2.5 pounds so that is really awesome!! His whole blood was at 9 and normal range is 12-15 so that is a bit low. He received a shot to help his body make more red blood or whole blood.

He did receive his Herceptin today but that was it.

We are so appreciative for everyone's prayers, please keep it up! We are so blessed to have everyone of you in our lives. My dad is such a fighter and such a fun, energetic person. He is loved and looked up to by so many people and I am truly honored and so proud to be his daughter!

Thank you God for our many blessings!

I love you Dad, I know you'll beat this cancer! Have I told you lately that I love you?

Love always,


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