Friday, July 8, 2011

Chemo Tuesday July 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,

My dad had chemo this past Tuesday again. He started losing more blood lately again, he is needing about two transfusions a week. We had a scope done to see if the bleeding was coming from the same spot in the esophagus and it seems to be coming from that same spot. The doctor who did the scope used a gas to try and stop the bleeding at least temporarily, he said that it did slow it down but didn't stop it and that it won't work long term. We are getting blood transfusions again today, then checked again on Monday and most likely transfusions Monday. My dad's being a real trooper as usual. In extremely good spirits, has a great attitude, and is always such a pleasure to be around. I am thankful to be able to be home with him as much as I am this summer.

Keep praying that this bleeding stops or slows and that he doesn't have pain. He has been having some more severe pain in the stomach area that is horrible when it sets in. Pray that he doesn't get that and that we see the bleeding stop or slow down. Remember to thank God each and every day for your loved ones and all the blessings each of us have.

I will update again mid-next week unless something else changes.

Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, calls, cards, food, etc. We appreciate all of our loved ones so, so much.

Love always,


"Who loves you baby?"
"Daddy does."

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