Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am updating to let you know that my dad did get to come home from the hospital late Monday. The bleeding hasn't slowed down much but it is considered stable enough for him to be at home and just go back and get blood (if needed), radiation, chemo each day. He has gotten blood each day so far, Tuesday and Wednesday... We are hoping that this radiation kicks in SOON!! We have today's radiation, tomorrow's, and Monday's before we have met our maximum amount of safe radiation. If things don't turn around we are going to continue searching for other treatment options and procedures that may be available to get this problem taken care of.

I have said this from the start and I hope everyone agrees and follows me with this: I will never, ever give up on my dad. He is the strongest, most positive, upbeat person I know. If I am having a hard time he is the single person who can make me have a smile on my face. I know he can get over this tough time and that many, many happier, healthier, times are ahead. We need to keep our faith and prayers!

We appreciate all that everyone is doing/ has done for us. This weekend is the Sole Burner and I hope we will see a lot of our friends and family there to walk and support my Dad because he deserves it more than anyone.

Love you all,


Dad, You are my hero, I believe in you, stand by you, and love you more than ever! I am soooo proud of you!!!

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